Hi everyone out there in internet land, thought I would share my short story with you and although there is a sad part to it, don’t be alarmed as everything has turned out for the best.

Ok, so where to start? Well, for some unknown reason I was surrendered to the RSPCA when I was 10 months old though luckily I wasn’t there for very long when I found my new human and forever home. My human absolutely adores me (as it should be) and I often make her laugh with my cute antics, happy attitude and beautiful big brown eyes.

Yep, I certainly lucked out with my human as she often spoils me by giving me lots of toys to play with, plenty of walks, a lovely soft bed, cats to lick and slobber over and Cai, my little buddy. Together we get up to a lot of mischief and shenanigans.

So there you go, short but sweet with everything working out for the best and to top it off; I now have my own business – woo hoo, life is sweeeet. Oh, make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram – Cody’s Companions, as I regale you with the fun and mayhem that occurs in the life of moi. Keep it real my peeps.


Hi there, I’m Cai and I am the man and protector of the family. In reality though I am really a big sook and love nothing more than being with Cody and cuddling with my mum. The cats are all right, I suppose, but I’m not really sure what to make of them. I was meant to be a chocolate Spoodle but I started going grey at 18 months so now I look like a little old man. I really like meeting people, children and other dogs and love it when mum takes me out walking with her.

Neo & Zuri

We are the dynamic duo Neo (red point Siamese) and Zuri (white Oriental). We are always together – whether it is sleeping, playing, running through the house or annoying the dogs. Neo’s favourite pastime is to break into rooms he is not allowed to be in and swipe at the dogs as they walk past while Zuri loves to open wardrobe doors and go exploring in them whilst tipping the contents out. However, our most favourite thing is to doona dive on cold Canberran nights and hog the bed.